Bulk Water

Water Vision can provide also drinking water van one location with abundant water towards a location where there is (temporarily) water scarcity. When this water stress is temporarily, it is maybe not cost effective to solve the problem with one of our watermakers.  It is also possible that our the local specific circumstances are not suitable to let our watermakers function efficient. Or that the need for drinkingwater is so urgent that there is no time enough  to produce and install a watermaker.


Under these circumstances Water Vision is still able to deliver very pure high quality drinkingwater in bulk.


Water Vision has three different ways to deliver bulk water:

  1. Transport: We transport water with special water tankers from places where there is abundant water and where the natural increase of the water source is by far bigger than the demand.
  2. Bottled water: We buy the very best bottled water, named Alaskian water in containers and sell them where the demand is. We also sell bottled airwater produced by our own air-to-water watermaker.
  3. Iceberg: Water Vision is one of the main partners in the Iceberg project with the intension to provide CapeTown from drinkingwater when the scarcity may come again.