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AQUASKY® Atmospheric Generated Aqua

AQUASKY helps to cultivate our precious water directly from the clear blue sky. Cooled and condensed, this air ultimately forms the crisp soft drops that is AQUASKY®.

Filtered and sterilised through ultraviolet, ensures the clean quality of each drop without depleting any of the earth’s precious resources - making this the Art of Pure Water.


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  • Preserve natural water sources for future generations.
  • The attempt to eliminate plastic waste with glass bottles and PLA solutions.
  • Provide health benefits with higher water PH level.
  • Reduction of carbon foot print by eliminating transport.
  • Reduce water scarce.
  • Safe drinking water free of chemicals and micro-organisms.
  • Improve the taste of tea with pure drinking water.
  • Preserve the natural taste of food.

Health Benefits with high PH level

  • Helps to neutralize body acidity by balancing the pH levels in the blood
  • Slows down the aging process by reducing the amount of free radical damage
  • Removes acidic minerals to create a more alkaline water base
  • Prevents desease by lowering the acidic state of your body
  • Prevents and treats degenerative diseases of the body
  • Hydrates the body better than conventional bottled and tap water
  • High Concentration of Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium


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Aquasky Plane Based Water Bottle

Introducing 100% Plant Based Bottle

Truly eco-friendly branded bottles putting the planet first.

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AQUASKY Atmospheric Generated Aqua Plant

Meet our AQUASKY® Atmospheric Generated Aqua Production in Cape Town.



AQUASKY® Atmospheric Generated Aqua Production

Aquasky Air to Water 1500


Atmospheric Generated Aqua 1500

  • Production up to 1.500 L water day
  • Bottling line: Sterilizing, washing, filling and capping
  • Production of still and sparkling water variants
  • Vitamins and minerals can be added optionally
  • Just in time water quality measurement
  • Virtual management service and maintenance
  • Monitor water production worldwide

How it works

  1. Warm air is collected by a fan, moving warm and humid air over cold coils
  2. When the warm air hits the coils it starts to condensate
  3. Water droplets fall from the coils into a tank
  4. The water is then filtered and ready for consumption


Aquasky how it works diagram

Unique Technology

  • Design Ambient Temperature - 8 to 40 Deg c. Altitude 0 to 1800 Meter ASL Working Humidity - 28 to 100 RH%
  • Body constructed out of U-304 L Stainless Steel
  • Evaporator/Condenser Structure Made of Low Weight Powder coated Aluminum
  • Twin Condensing Systems Allowing 50% redundancy in event of system failure
  • 500 Liter on board High Grade 304 L Stainless Steel storage tank
  • Low noise level

  • On board Logic Controller with Variable Speed fans to keep machine performance optimal
  • Logic Controller has BMS Remote Web Monitoring capability (Modbus 2.0/3.0)
  • Major Alarm history kept for diagnostic Purposes
  • Machine Constantly Monitors Climatic Conditions, Automatically switching to standby mode
  • System fins are epoxy coated making water droplets to release easily from surface
  • Low energy consumption



Technical Specifications

Production up to 1 500Lt / 24Hrs, 45 000L per month
Dimensions 2.00m x 1.72m x 1.92m
Water Storage Capacity 500 Liters – Internal
Net Weight 1 000kg (Empty) & 1 500kg (Full)
Working Temperature 15℃ ~ 42℃
Working Humidity 30% ~ 95%
Power Supply 380V/420V - 3~ - 50Hz
Average Consumption 16.2 kW/hr
Maximum Consumption 45.2 Ampère (18.9kW)
Frame & Casing U-304L Stainless Steel
Fins Epoxy coated aluminium fins with excellent hydrophilic properties
Air Filter G4 Coarse dust air filter < 100 micron/m³
Filters Primary 3-Stage Sediment water filtration < 0.2 micron
Secondary SCC (Solid Core Carbon) water polishing filtration
Continuous UV lamp (Ultra violet germicidal) > 40mj/cm²


Aquasky Storage Tank


Storage Tank

  • Storage tanks are an essential part of the system
  • 2500 liter tank directly connected to the air to water production unit
  • Extra built in filters
  • Both air to water unite and container packed in a customized 20ft container
  • Tank equipped with a circulation system and UV lights to prevent algae forming
  • Extra metal frame for extra stability of the tank


Aquasky Bottling Line

AQUASKY® Bottling Line

  • Up to 6000 bottles per hour
  • Fully automated
  • No human contact
  • Production system zero impact on aqua flavor


AQUASKY® APP for Easy Monitoring

  • Bacteria filter status
  • Energy consumption
  • Daily production
  • Level storage tank
  • Chemical analysis
  • PH level
  • 24/7h Hotline
  • Service



Technical Specifications

Washing head 8
Filling head 8
Capping head 3
Filling speed 200 bhp for 500ml
Bottle capacity (ml) 250, 440, 750
Bottle size 300mm
Bottle diameter 50-110mm
Weight 2000kg
Voltage 380v 50hz 3 phase
Power 2kw
Machine material SS 304 (FMCG Standard)
Machine size 2100 x 2000 x 2100mm


Reduce you carbon footprint with glass bottles

Currently one of the biggest talking points is the pollution caused by single use plastic.


Plastic waste

Refill & delivery service glass bottles

In Cape Town we deliver AQUASKY bottles in rustic wooden crates and collect empties that are washed and sterilised under strict quality control.


Aquasky glass bottles in wooden crates

Brand matters

We know how important brand value is to you. AQUASKY offers clients their own branded bottles.


Aquasky branded glass bottles