Air to Water

Wind Turbine System

Water Vision AG has developed a unique system for a new drinking water generation.

This system can operate completely stand-alone using solar panels, a wind turbine, or a combination thereof, and is directly connected to an air to water condensation system or a water to water purification unit.

The air to water system produces up to 20.000 liters per day.

For large volumes of drinking water our company suggests to us a small water generation park that contains six wind turbines connected to the water producing systems.

Operating Principle Air to Water

The turbine forces air through a heat exchanger, where the air is cooled, and condensation takes place. When the temperature falls below its dew-point water droplets will form. These droplets are then collected in a water storage compartment.

Warm ambient air may contain large amounts of water. Lowering the temperature of air requires relatively little energy. Large volumes of water become available by condensation which can be used for drinking or for irrigation.

Our Air to Water unit produces clean water from air and can be driven efficiently by wind, solar or other potential sources of energy. Deployment can be as fast as 90 days after purchase order. Units are operational within 14 days after containers arrive on location.


  • Stand-alone system
  • No need for inflow of water
  • Minimal local infrastructure is needed
  • No external energy sources needed
  • Fresh water production at competitive prices
  • Unique patented technology