Air to Water

Air-to-Water machines change air into pure potable water without the existence of any water source. It depends on the level humidity and temperature. The humidity level should be at least 50% or above to make the best amount of water from air. In areas with lower humidity level, the air to water machine will still produce water. However, it will not be as quickly, nor as much as in places with high level of humidity.
For high quality drinking pure water, it utilizes several filtration technologies. They have a special design for contaminated air and water environments to make healthy daily water from air. Water making machines make healthy water from air daily, filtering water three to four times in one circulation and killing bacteria with the latest technology used in industry. If water is not consumed, the machine will re-circulate and filter existing water again. This makes water much more superior then any drinking water in the world.

Air-to-Water Systems have a capacity of 1,500 Liters per day.

Air To Water System

Rain Tec AW 1500

The Water Vision Rain Tec AW 1500 system is a compact and innovative system which is able to extract water out of the air by means of condensation. In the Rain Tec AW 1500 are different filters placed which transform the condensated water into high quality pure, tasty drinking water. The water production is dependent on prevailing climatic conditions. The higher the temperature and humidity levels, the more atmospheric water generated. The climate circumstances at client’s location are highly suitable to get a very high production of drinking water. The production can go up to 1500 liters a day.

As the Atmospheric Water Generator operates at full power in water-making mode, the more favourable the climatic conditions, the lower the cost per litre of water generated. Unrestricted airflow is essential for the Atmospheric Water Generator to operate effectively – i.e. do not position the Generator in a room with doors and windows.

The Rain Tec AW 1500 is very suitable to connect to a bottle device. This very, pure water made out the air can be sold as special bottled airwater. See movie: